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Why Use Followback?

No matter how many followers you have, everybody can turn their social media presence directly into money. Whether you want some extra cash for a vacation or a new career, Followback is bringing you a platform that allows you to profit off social media like your favorite celebrities. With the first social media marketplace, you can also become your own publicist by finding users and top brands from around the world to promote your own content.

Become a promoter In 3 steps

1 Create

Sign up using the username you go by on social media. Include a photo so people, brands and businesses can easily identity you.

2 Add

Link your social media accounts to your profile. This will help people know more about you, your following and your reach.

3 Promote

You can now get paid to upload a picture/video, follow an account, like a post, or comment on a post from anyone.

Hosting has helped me pay for a new kitchen and other upgrades.”

Tessa hosts in London

Payments made simple

You’re in control

Choose your own price. Need help? We have tools to help you match demand in your area.

Low fees

Sign up is completely free. Followback only takes a 10% fee.

Get paid quickly

Once a task is complete, we send your money by Paypal, direct deposit, or your other preferred payment method.

A platform you can trust

Every celebrity influencer on our platform with a blue checkmark is real and has been vetted by our dedicated team. We also use industry leading technology to keep your data safe.

Influencers like you, worldwide.

20+ Countries
Get up to $1M per post
3000 requests sent

We’ve got you covered

We know it’s important to be able to trust any website you give information to. Followback has strict community standards and we make our platform’s security a top priority.

If something does come up, though, we have your back.

  • Secure servers to store any information you share
  • Global customer support
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Verified accounts
  • Secure transactions

Your questions answered

All you need is an email address and username. It only takes a few minutes.
It’s totally free! No sign up cost, no fees.
Yes! Your username should match or be close to the username/handle you use on social media platforms so people can easily find you.
Absolutely! Users will still want to request you. Plus you can always boost your followers with our platform.
It’s great marketing! Having a lot of people liking and commenting on your posts will make it more visible to your followers and help you achieve your social/business goals.
Yes! Followback is a platform that connects buyers and sellers. We don’t represent anyone.

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