Frequently asked questions about monetizing

About Followback
Followback is a platform that helps anyone earn money from the activities they do on social media without the need for a marketing, advertising, or PR agency.
Receiving payments for your social media activity can generate a new revenue stream for you. You can make money for doing things that you were once doing for free on your social media accounts.
Each social media user’s profile acts as a digital billboard. The activity that you do, including likes and posts, are viewed by your followers. For example, if you like a photo posted by that new pizza place in your neighborhood, your followers can see that in their social media feed. The pizza place gets more exposure and potentially more customers just from you liking their photo. The more followers you have, the more valuable your social media activity will be.
Followback not only allows you to get paid for sponsored posts, but it is the only platform that lets you get paid for following someone, liking someone’s content, or commenting on a post. You can also receive offers from people all around the world.
Creating Your Account
Create an account by clicking here. All you need is an email address to get started and the process only takes a few minutes.
Becoming a user on our platform is completely FREE. There are no recurring charges and any person, business, organization, or brand can join the Followback platform.
It’s important to make sure your username matches or is close to the usernames/handles you use on social media platforms. If it’s not available, use your real name instead. It will help people find you on the Followback platform and connect you to your social media likeness. Please note that impersonating another person is a violation of our terms and conditions and will lead to your account being banned.
Yes, you absolutely should. From a marketing standpoint, 90% of social media influencer advertising is done by users with less than 100,000 followers.
Yes! Followback is not an agency. We are a platform that helps connect buyers and sellers. We do not provide representation for anyone and do not conflict with influencers that are represented by agencies.
Absolutely. Every user in the Followback community can both send and receive offers.
Promoting your Followback Account
First, make sure your Followback profile information is complete. Our search filters will use the information you provide to help people find you. Also, make sure you promote your Followback account. The more people that hear about you, the more offers you will receive. Your Followback profile’s address is[your Followback username]. Use the link to promote your services on your social networking profiles.
Please visit our verification page at to get the process started.
Receiving Requests
You can receive requests to follow someone, post a picture or video, like a person’s content or comment on a post on a variety of social media networks.
The Followback platform allows people to submit a request on any social media network of their choice.
Review the offer and understand exactly what you are requested to do. If you accept it, the offer must be completed within 72 hours and remain completed for a minimum of 30 days.
If you reject the offer, the sender will be notified immediately. If you do not respond to the offer, it will automatically be canceled after 72 hours.
Followback will send an email whenever someone sends you an offer. You will also see all the offers received in your Followback inbox under your account’s dashboard.
Completing Requests
We encourage our community to support businesses, brands, and products that align with their values. If you receive an offer from someone that is against your morals or ethics, you should not accept it. You have 72 hours to respond to an offer before it expires.
You have 72 hours to complete a request once it is accepted.
We require users to complete requests that they’ve accepted. If you do not complete a request, you will not be paid for it. Also, failure to complete accepted requests can result in your Followback account being banned.
Requests must remain completed for a minimum of 30 days. If a request is undone before that time, you will not be paid for the request.
Payment Questions
Once you complete a request, Followback will verify your work and send payment to you via PayPal after 30 days. Make sure you link your PayPal account under your profile settings. Requests that do not remain completed for a minimum of 30 days will not be paid
We collect a 10% fee for each accepted and completed offer. For example, if a person offers to pay ou $100.00 to follow them on a specific social media platform, you will receive $90.00 and Followback keeps $10.00.
When a transaction that started out on Followback is completed outside of the Followback platform, both parties are no longer covered by Followback protection programs and Followback’s money-back guarantee. As such, contacting another Followback member to discuss moving a transaction off Followback creates a risk of fraud, and is not permitted.